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California Government Warns Bingo Halls To Stop The Gambling

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A recent U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in San Francisco claims that a new law that went into effect January 1st in the state bans electronic bingo machines from being used by charitable organizations.

Now, the state’s attorney General’s Office has warned the charitable bingo halls that they had better adhere to the law. In essence, the charities were told they had better not get caught using the now-illegal machines.

The charity bingo halls have become a source of debate over the past year. Last year, the United Auburn Tribe threatened to withhold millions of dollars of revenue sharing money if these charity bingo halls did not cease operations with the electronic machines.

The tribe operates the Thunder Valley Casino in Placier County, and they were not enthused with the idea of competition from the charity bingo halls. The battle has been going through the court system for quite a while.

The United Cerebral Palsy was using the machines to raise money for different programs, and they received clearance to continue to operate the machines under a court injunction. That, however, was overturned by the Court of Appeals back in late March.

Two Arrested After Illegal Gambling Machine Raid In Virginia

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The onslaught of police raids around the country for illegal gambling machines continued on Friday night and Saturday morning in Hampton, Virginia. Authorities arrested two people in conjunction with the raids.

Yvonne Worth, 45, and Randy Allen, 52, both of Hampton, were arrested. Allen was charged with one count of conducting an illegal gambling operation, and Worth was charged with one count accessory to gambling.

“Police around the country are making it clear that the only casino gambling they want going on is in casinos,” said observer Mark Skenjile, “with states legalizing casinos at a record pace, the state governments want to make sure all of the profits from gambling go to the legal casinos.”

Police in Hampton had been investigating Movie Play on North King Street, Internet Time, and Hamptons Roads Billiard since early in March. The investigation began after authorities received complaints from citizens.

The video gambling machines that were seized are similar to many that have been involved in other raids around the country. They are similar to slot machines, and gamblers can be paid out in most cases by collecting a ticket and then bringing the ticket to the bartender.

Police have also talked to some of the customers at the locations that were raided and they anticipate that more arrests are coming. Patrons who were playing the illegal machines could be charged in the case under state law.

Lawsuit in London

Bookmakers Keeping Eye on Gambling Lawsuit in London

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Graham Calvert is suing bookmaker William Hill for money that he lost gambling. Now, Judge Michael Briggs has ruled that Calvert also has the right to expand his lawsuit to include compensation for personal injury.

Bookmakers all over the world will be keeping a close eye on the outcome of the case. A win by Calvert would almost certainly mean that future lawsuits will become frequent against bookmakers.

His lawyers have painted a picture of a man who has lost not only all that money, but also his health and his marriage. His gambling problem is not masked by his lawyers. They say that he was a “pathological gambler”.

His lawsuit revolves around the idea that William Hill had been notified by Calvert on at least two occasions of his wanting them to help with his gambling problem.

Calvert’s lawyers also claim that Hill went against their self inclusion program by not only allowing their client to gamble, but actually encouraged the gambling.

Calvert is estimating that he lost 2.1 million pounds gambling in a short, six month period. That led him to losing his wife and his life as he knew it.

The judge will ponder the evidence in the case and will release a ruling in writing in the near future. There is no exact date as to when that ruling will come.

Las Vegas

BODOG Gets Favorable Ruling From Federal Judge in Las Vegas

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BODOG Entertainment Group, S.A., received good news when a federal magistrate judge ruled that the company will not be subject to examination in Nevada.

The ruling came, in part, because BODOG was not a resident of Nevada. The infamous owner of the company, Calvin Ayre, is also not a resident, and therefore is also not subject to examination.

The case had been brought on by a contempt motion filed by 1st Technology, LLC. The judge denied the motion because of Ayre not being a resident in Nevada.

BODOG founder Ayre had this to say after the ruling, “This has been an interesting case, and as it progresses, there seems to be plenty of compelling facts emerging. With the recent ruling in favor of the defense, I’m happy that it was also clarified by the judge that I am, by law, not personally in contempt of any order from the Nevada court.”

A case in Washington is also ongoing in which defense lawyers are trying to get a ruling on whether domain names are property, and whether or not that they can be used to take care of a judgement.

The outcome of the ruling is important and if it is decided that the domain names can be used to settle judgements, it might send companies to different states to register their names.

Virginia Poker Champion Arrested For Illegal Gambling in Tennessee

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When you win one of the events at the World Series of Poker there is not much need to participate in illegal card games, but for one former champion, the desire was too great as he was arrested in a police gambling raid on Friday.

Police received a tip on an illegal poker game and when they arrived, they proceeded to arrest 16 people, one of whom was Paul “Cigar” McKinney, an 82 year old man who as recently as two years ago won a WSOP event.

McKinney won the seniors event two years ago and walked away from that tournament over $200,000 richer, but that apparently was not enough for him, as he and 46 year old Donnie Godsey, were charged with aggravated gambling promotion, as both men were believed to be the brains of the illegal game.

The raid took place in Kingsport, Tennessee, and the former champion was believed to be one of the people that promoted and organized the illegal game.

Police also found Schedule III narcotics in McKinney’s pocket at the time of the arrest.

Illegal Gambling

Bingo Tourists in Turkey Hassled For Illegal Gambling

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If you are going to Turkey anytime soon, here is a little bit of advice, if you are going to take part in any bingo games, you better do your research and make sure the place you are playing the game at is licensed.

Two women were minding their own business in Altinkum, Turkey, playing what they thought was a game of bingo with about 30 other tourists, with no real incentive other than to win a few free drinks.

What they ended up winning cost a bit more than if they paid for those drinks they were trying to win, as the ladies were allegedly arrested and fined after police raided the illegal bingo game.

“We were all having a fun time and then the police turned up and forced us to fill out forms. For some reason they picked us out and we were taken to the station for questioning over a game of bingo and then fined”, said office manager Ms. Holland, from Kinmel Bay.

The fine turned out to be $42 dollars each and while no charges were filed against the women, they had a sense that the moment was surreal.

“We thought we were on Candid Camera until we were hustled into a van and taken to the police station.”

The women did not think they were doing anything illegal as they claimed that they saw actual betting shops in Turkey.

The problem was that the shop they decided to play bingo in was not licensed. The ladies were questioned at the police station for a few hours and then released. They are still enjoying the rest of their vacation and have chalked the story up to one they will tell their families about for years to come.